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Tara Dente

"Before You're Gone"

A Note From Tara

Before You’re Gone (2019) was written following an attempted intervention in the life of a 7-year friend and fellow musician struggling with alcoholism. The central character could be in anyone’s life. The song began as a driving, but humble folk song. It was behind the inspiration to submit to the American Songwriter song competition. A collection of musician friends, all giving their talent freely to make a story come to life, galvanized around a NJ musical anchor (known by most as a go-to keys player) Mark Masefield, who naturally fell into an arranger and producer’s role. He brought together people who were already friends (and most, already bandmates), and recorded a Covid-style Big-Band in his own apartment, with some others remotely sending in tracks. The result swells up to the size of the emotion behind the lyrics themselves.

Words and Music by Tara Dente


Tara Dente- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Chris Colon- Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Electric Bass

Chris Dubrow- Upright Bass

Ian Gray- Trombone

Mark Masefield - Hammond B3, Piano, OB6 Luke McKenna- The Last Call's Bell

Santo Rizzolo- Drums

Nicole Scorsone- Violin

Anthony Xerri- Mandolin


Produced by Mark Masefield

Horn/String Arrangement by Mark Masefield Mixed/Mastered by Francis Valentino

Video Edited by Francis Valentino


Rick Barry

"No Smoking" & "Week Five"

No Smoking


Words/Music by Rick Barry

Rick Barry - Vocals

Jenn Fantaccione - Cello
Mark Masefield - Glockenspiel, Piano
Nicole Scorsone - Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola

Produced by Mark Masefield
String Arrangement by Mark Masefield
Mixed/Mastered by Francis Valentino

Week Five

Words/Music by Rick Barry


Rick Barry- Guitar, Vocals

Tim Brickner - Bass
Grant Butts - Electric Guitar
Ian Gray - Flugabone, Trombone
Mark Masefield - OB6
Francis Valentino - Drums, Background Vocals

Produced by Mark Masefield
Mastered by Jeremy Korpas
Horn Arrangement by Mark Masefield
Mixed by Francis Valentino

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