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Check out Dave Hause's Bandcamp, where I'm recording and mixing our live shows

Dave Hause and the Mermaid Live Series


Mike Frazier: Secrets of Atlantis (2024)

Piano, Mellotron, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 

Rachel Ana Dobken: Acceptance (2024)

Hammond B3, OB-6 synthesizer, Wurlitzer

Joanne Bird: Railroad Tracks (2024)

Co-Producer, Piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3

Molly O'Leary: Marigold (2024)

Piano, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, OB-6 Synthesizer

Dave Hause: Nurses (2024)

Piano, Accordion, Rhodes, OB-6 synthesizer, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 

Dave Hause: Versus (2023)

Piano, Rhodes, OB-6 synthesizer, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 

Cole Hallman: Good Morning, Mr. Hallman (2023)

Producer, Upright Piano, Hammond B3, Accordion, Mellotron, OB-6 Synthesizer

Dave Hause: Drive It Like It's Stolen (2023)

Piano, Rhodes, OB-6 synthesizer

Mike Frazier: Another Night, Another Sunrise (2023)

Upright Piano, Accordion, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, OB-6 synthesizer

Eric Ginsberg: How Long (single) (2023)

Producer, Piano, Hammond B3

Colton Kayser: Right on Time (2023)

Piano, Hammond B3, Farfisa, Accordion

Dave Hause: I Swear (single) (2022)

OB-6 synthesizer

Tara Dente: Intentional Fall (single) (2022)

Piano, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer

Quinn Cicala: Arkansas (EP) (2022)

Hammond B3, Piano

Sean Tobin: Ghost of the Arcade (2022)

Hammond B3, Piano

Jeff Kazee: Thanks for Checking In (2022)

Engineered B3 sessions 

Griffin House: Stories for a Rainy Day (2022)

Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Piano, OB-6

Tara Dente: Anyone's Hometown (single) (2021)

Co-Arrangement, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer

Joey Ama Dio: Man On the Moon (single) (2021)

Producer, Arrangement, Hammond B3, Piano, OB-6

Rick Barry: Relics, Volume 1 (2021)

Producer, Arrangements, Horn/String Arrangements, Engineer, Accordion, Hammond B3, Piano, Jaw Harp

Joey Ama Dio: Foolish Me (single) (2021)

Producer, Arrangement, Hammond B3, Vintage Vibe Fender Rhodes, via Spectrasonics KeyScape


Joey Ama Dio: Where You Left Me (single) (2021)

Producer, Arrangement, String Arrangement, Hammond B3, Piano, OB-6

Joey Ama Dio: Miracle of Life (single) (2021)

Producer, Arrangement, Horn Arrangement, Hammond B3, Piano, Accordion


Tara Dente: Before You're Gone (single) (2020)

Producer, Engineer, Horn/String Arrangement, Hammond B3, Piano

Rick Barry: Ruminations From Barrydise During an Apocalypse (2020)

Producer (Week Five + No Smoking), Arrangements, String Arrangement, Horn Arrangement, Engineer, Piano, Hammond B3, Glockenspiel, OB-6

Sean Tobin: East Coast Artifacts (2020)

Hammond B3

Remember Jones: Love of My Life (Live From Atlantic City, 10/12/19) (single) (2020)


Mike Frazier: Over the Mountain (single) (2020)

Hammond B3

Sean Tobin: Dreams and Black Caffeine (2019)

Hammond B3

Mike Frazier: Where the Valley Kissed the Sky (2019)

Hammond B3

Stillhungry: Stillhungry (2019)

Hammond B3

Remember Jones: I Love You Always Forever (single) (2019)

Hammond B3, Tubular Bells

Rick Barry: A Sunk Cost Fallacy and the Enduring Mirage (2019)

Producer, Arrangements, Co-String Arrangements, Piano, Hammond B3, Accordion, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes


Tor Miller: Surviving the Suburbs (2018)

Hammond B3

Rachel Ana Dobken: When It Happens to You (2018)

Hammond B3

James Sleeman: The Eagle EP (2018)

Hammond B3, Vox Continental, Farfisa

Scott DeCarlo: What I Didn't Do (single) (2018)

Hammond B3

Scott DeCarlo: Sinners by Trade (single) (2018)

Hammond B3, Clavinet

Scott DeCarlo: Good Time (EP) (2018)

Hammond B3, Mellotron strings 

Skunkmello: Kind of Blew (2018)

Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Moog Synthesizer

Remember Jones: Ain't That a Kick In the Head (single) (2017)

Hammond B3

Remember Jones: Tranquilizer! (2017)

Co-Writer, Co-Horn Arrangements, Co-Vocal Arrangements, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Piano

Them Vibes: Electric Fever (2017)

Wurlitzer EP, Accordion

Tara Dente: The Gleaner (2017)

Hammond B3

Remember Jones: Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones! (2016)

Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Music Director, Co-Horn Arrangements, Co-Vocal Arrangements, Co-String Arrangements, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Piano, Moog Synthesizer

Matthew Curry: Shine On (2016)

Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Moog Synthesizer, Piano, Wurlitzer EP, RMI 368 Electra-Piano with Harpsichord

Shady Street Show Band: Revelry (2016)

Hammond B3

American Casino: Extented Play (2016)

Hammond B3, Piano, Moog Synthesizer

Skunkmello: Hot Chicken (2016)

Hammond B3

Transmission Party: Transmission Party (2015)

Hammond B3 and Moog Synthesizer

Hellbound Glory: Black Mass (2015)

Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer EP

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes: Men Without Women (2012)

Hammond B3, Second Piano, Synthesizers

Arlan Feiles: Weeds Kill the Wild Flowers (2012)

Hammond B3

Outside the Box: Bridge (2011)

Co-Arrangements, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer EP, Piano, Background Vox 

Among Others...

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