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These are recordings of me improvising in my living room at various hours of the day, pre and post-quarantine. Some of these will begin with a particular riff or melody idea, and then veer off to wherever my mind and fingers took me. There may be a metronome in some; there'll definitely be some bad notes; there'll be weird clams that I try to work out into making them sound ok or intentional; I'll repeat ideas to establish new themes; I'll jump from one thing to the next rather quickly in some places; I'll play a thought that I dislike, try to persuade myself, and then abandon it if I don't develop it. Some ideas might return from one track to the next... that probably means I should extract those moments and build upon them.


But I'm in no rush to do that at the moment, and I know that's a project in my future; one that will present itself to me when it feels right. Recording random ideas for Future Mark is what made me start taking these voice memos... so that I can at any point dive back into an evening and search for little gems to develop. 


Hope you enjoy these intimate moments with my piano that were initially unintended to share... just a log of my thoughts and ideas if I liked a way that a particular evening was sounding. I eventually began sharing these with my Nana because my live shows never really did much for her, and she missed hearing my just play the piano. After sending her a voice memo the other evening, I listened back through the recordings I had been sending her, and discovered myself relaxing and digging into the progressions and journeys. Figured there's no reason for these evenings to be locked within my phone.

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